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Benn Harradine

Perspektiv på friidrott, maj 2018

Benn Harradine


Athletics as a brand

In my experience with athletics around the world, I see one of the largest issues with our stagnation is the fact that the sport has allowed individuals to be bigger than the sport itself. Although at the time it may have been understood that those athletes were the “saviours” of our sport, in my opinion it did more damage to the “brand” of athletics than it should have.

The fact that a group of individuals have more marketing potential than an entire sport leaves us with a difficult situation. What happens when those athletes stop?

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Instead of helping the community of athletics grow, where the people and the characters all 
have an environment that they are visible and invested in fairly, we are left with the “damage” of temporary solutions. This culture also encourages short-cuts. Where individuals are driven by agents and management groups to globalised success at all costs. The circle goes around and around, and the sport of athletics itself always seems to finish second.
How would it be if we were to find ourselves in a situation where the sport of athletics grew together for the benefits of all it’s stakeholders. The kids who are connecting and wanting to start at their local clubs, the promising juniors of tomorrow and the nourishment of an ever-growing global improvement and the coaches and leaders who drive athletics from grassroots to elite.

What is the difference between us?

When I first began my journey in athletics I was instantly sucked in. It took no longer than 2 competitions for me to realise that this was something that I could spend a lot of time doing. Not only was it fun but I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that there were so many disciplines all packed into one arena. I had to be able to run, to jump and to throw and even walk!

No matter what environment of athletics you move in and out of, those key elements remain the same. Even if you can’t speak the language.
In Australia our athletics clubs are driven 100% by “Mums and Dad’s” They do everything from running canteens, to sitting on the board, to organising competitions. They do it all.

After I decided I wanted to compete in athletics more often, my Mum and Dad became president and treasurer of the board of the club I belonged to. Not only that they worked full time jobs and coached myself and my brother. 

It seems the clubs here in Sweden are very much the same. Driven by the same sorts of people, however with a few subtle and not so subtle differences.

Big Races attract big numbers and allow clubs to invest in athletics!

As a foreigner in a new country my first connect to a new community was through sport. It gave me the chance to train, to meet new friends, to share knowledge and to find a “home”. 

“Are you coming to Midnattsloppet” one of our Kansli employees said.
“Sure sounds fun”

I was expecting to be cooking sausages at a small “fun run” for a few kids until I realised on the way to the race, streets were blocked off and there were people everywhere! Thousands in fact! 43,000 people running around Stockholm in the middle of the night! What a creation.

I was a part of a club that owns that race! This was something very very different to the “club” culture that I was used to coming from Australia.

Formal Education

In order to be a coach in Australia, you must complete a coaches course that is run by an organisation we have called, The Australian Track and Field Coaches Association. There are multiple levels of education steps for coaches however, it is strict learning curriculum and it also provides coaches with personal insurance. Included in the membership is a “working with children check” or Blue Card That ensures a safe and supportive environment for children and young people. All club coaches must have a registered membership to the ATFCA.
Registered coaches are able to provide quality coaching and assist our members to have proficient skills in athletics and in turn develop a great quality “brand” of athletics.

My Role in Swedish Athletics

In my role at Hammarby, I am working on defining the “brand” of athletics we want, the coaches that we need in order to produce the athletics we want, and the athletes that we want to develop. Or better yet, the human beings!

How do I help Hammarby Friidrott move forward to being a better club and in turn help the sport of athletics grow in Sweden and the world?
So far I have noted that the 4 most important things needed are:

1. Coaches.
2. Philosophy.
3. Environment.
4. Community.

What is the first thing that helps our sport move forward? >>> COACHES

What is the overarching driver of our development? >>> A PHILOSOPHY

Where do we take action and do the doing? >>> THE ENVIRONMENT

What helps us connect through sport, life, education and enjoyment >>> A COMMUNITY

Connect the Resources

I would like to see more connection between the clubs in Sweden. I would also like to see more responsibility handed over to the federation. RF,SOK, SFIF. Does it need to be so complex?

Can we hand all responsibility and accountability over to national sporting organisation and allow them to fund, formally educate, provide professional services, monitor and measure progress, grow and develop the sport of athletics solely?

I would also like to provide a positive and open learning space for coaches between clubs. Sharing resources and experience, growing and learning together for the betterment of OUR sport.

I am pleased to have opportunity to help the community of athletics grow in Sweden. Through my physiology degree and my experience and education through coaches and mentors, I am continually developing to be the best version of myself and therefore helping others bring the best of themselves to the sport. My dream is to provide the education and opportunity I either was afforded or provided for myself. Driven from a passion to be a better person through sport.


Benn Harradine

Sportchef Hammarby Friidrott, tidigare diskuskastare av världsklass


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