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Svensk Friidrott

Swedish Athletic Association

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Phone: +46 10 476 53 30
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Stefan Olsson
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Magnus Fridell
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Fredrik Trahn
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(Press service)

Johan Wissman, Sweden

Welcome to the official website of the
Swedish Athletic Association
(Svenska Friidrottsförbundet)


For obvious reasons the "official language" of this site is and will always remain Swedish!

However, information - including contact details - concerning the Council and the Office of the Swedish Athletics Association is provided also in English.

Furthermore much information of international interest - Results, Statistics and Records - is of course given in the universal language of names and numbers!

"Senaste resultaten" presents all results (or rather links to results) reported during the last week and you could also search our results archive for the current year as well as that for previous years (1998 onwards).

Almost daily updated Swedish top lists are available during both the indoor and outdoor seasons. Age groups covered are overall ("seniors", top-25 for each event) plus 20/22 ("U23"), 18/19 ("U20"), 17 ("U18"), 16 ("U17"), 15 ("U16") and 13/14 ("U15") years (each category top-20). The quickest way to access these lists is through the "Statistik" drop menu. There is also an archive for previous top lists (1998 onwards).

Also our competition calendars ("Tävlingsprogram") - including links to most meet websites - are almost self-explanatory. "Aktuellt just nu" presents a composite list of all "significant" (from the Swedish perspective) meets during the past week and the upcoming month. There are also complete yearly calendars for the various categories of competitions.

In our "Historik" section we have i.a. compilations of complete Swedish achievements in all international championships on European or World level, a complete European Cup record for our national team, all officially ratified World records by Swedish athletes and all Swedish positions on the prestigeous Track & Field News yearly World Rankings.

If there still is something you wonder about we hope that our short "Swedish athletics vocabulary" will give you the necessary assistance in solving "linguistic problems".

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our site for foreign visitors please don't hesitate to send those ideas to the Editor.

We did say that you were most welcome to our site, didn't we?