Folksam Grand Prix Malmö, Saturday August 5th 2023

Malmö AI has the honour to welcome you to Malmö Stadium, one of four competitions in the Folksam Grand Prix- series. We hope for good weather, a large and enthusiastic crowd, and great results!

The competition takes place at Malmö Stadion, located Eric Perssons väg 11.
It is within walking distance from the official hotel.


The timetable is published on our website (


The official hotel is Good Morning Hotel, Stadiongatan 21, 217 62 Malmö
Tel. +46 40 672 8570
It is located approx. 1000 meters from the stadium.


Parking is available at parking garage (Stadiongatan) or nearby Malmö Stadion (John Ericssons väg).


The entrance for athletes and coaches
The entrance for athletes and coaches is at the south side, opposite the football stadium.


The bibs are handed out in the entrance for athletes and coaches from 11:30.
You must pick up your bib at latest 90 minutes before your event starts. The bibs should not be folded in any wa.


Own implements
Athletes who wish to use their own implements shall bring it to entrance for athletes, 90 minutes before competition for checking.


In the indoor stadium.


Warm Up Area
Athletes can perform their warm up in the indoor stadium, Atleticum,
or on the trails running next to the arena. Throwers can warm up at the throwing field.


Calling is held in after the entrance for athletes.

■ Track events 15 minutes before start
■ Hurdling 20 minutes before start
■ LJ/JT/DT/SP 30 minutes before start
■ PV 70 minutes before start


Track events
There will be A-B-C-etc. finals in all track events and no heats to qualify for finals.


Bar heights
Will be presented on the night before the competition.


Mixed zone
All athletes should go through the Mixed zone on the way out from the infield.
The event coordinator will guide the athletes out.


The results will be published on our website:


Protests concerning the result or conduct of an event shall be made within 30 minutes of the official announcement of the result of that event. It shall be in writing, signed by the athlete, by someone acting on his behalf or by an official representative of a team and shall be accompanied by a deposit of USD 100.


Travel reimbursements, appearance fees and prize money are bank transferred after the meet.
There will be a 15% tax reduction on all prize and appearance money, in accordance with Swedish laws.


Medical services
Medical service is available at the stadium during competition.


We remind everyone that it is not allowed to be on the infield unless one is competing.


Download Athletes memo
>> Download Athletes memo as PDF-file

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