Randy Huntington

Randy Huntington is a coach with over four decades of experience coaching.

Among the world-class athletes he been coaching over the years, we have Mike Powell, Willie Banks and with his work in China the last 10 years he has helped a number of chines jumpers to the very top in the world including sprinter Su Bingtian.

In the 2020 Olympic Games Su Bingtian recorded the fastes 60m split (6.29) in the world on his way to 9.83 in the semifinal.

Randy will present on sprint and jumps.

Andreas Behm

Andreas coached Aries Merritt to Olympic gold 2012 and world record on the 110m hurdles and been working with a number of top hurdlers in the world. After a number of years in the US collage system Andreas now workinng for Altis world as a coach and educator of coaches all over the world.
Andreas will present on hurdles.

Paul Brice

Dr. Paul Brice, is regarded as one of the world leading applied biomechanist in sprint and jumps. He has supported athletes in United Kingdom, Nederlands  and a number of organisations with performance enhancing feedback.

Paul will present on biomechanics for the sprint and jumps.


Jurdan Mendiguchia

Jurdan Mendiguchia is an expert in injury prevention and rehabilitation, particularly in hamstrings. He has published many research papers in this area, his expertise is asked for from a number of elite sports team’s around the world.

Jurdan is the Director of ZENTRUM Sport 

Matthew Wood

He is a lecturer in Sport Coaching and Performance Analysis at University of Northampton and has a background as a sprint/hurdles coach and coach developer. As a coach Matt developed an interest in how an Ecological Dynamics rationale of learning may help him develop his coaching. That led him into starting his PhD studies on how adopting a constraints-led approach can change the practice of developing coaches. Matt will help us understand more about how we use ideas from an ecological approach to motor-learning and with that help athletes develop their technique. Also, how coaches can benefit in their development as coaches.